Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by ESP

Description Great easy to move around neck, floyd rose hardware, square inlays on neck, double duncan-design humbuckers, SWEET GUITAR!!! excellent high-low variable range
Posted By Stefan Pappalardo (40)
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On 11/29/2000, Stefan Pappalardo (40) posted:
Overall Rating:
As i said before, i looked at literally every company except for Epiphone. I got it cuz it is like a newborn uncaged animal child to the Ibanez RG-Series. I think the one improvment this guitar could have is some sort of retainment system for the guitar cord cuz i hate putting through my strap and it will fall out if u step on the cord that and two more string trees (dont get me wrong the only reason id like them is because when i play the intro to Runnin With The Devil - Van Halen the part where you pick behind the nut sounds a little bit off because the DGBE strings are too long behind the nut and their sound is too low, ONCE AGAIN THOUGH, the guitar DOES NOT need string trees for any reason other than that. I would definatley buy this guitar again if it were stolen. My fav aspect of the guitar is definatly the neck and floyd rose bridge. And look if you dont like the guitar already, trust me go out and try it, you'll love it!!!
Model Year: 2000
Price: $435.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Sam Ash
Made in Korea, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard (very nice sounding, deep full sound) 24 XJ frets & six strings. It has one volume control, a single tone control (controls both pickups) and a three-way switch. Its got two duncan-designed pickups layout H/H (bridge pickup is a higher-range pickup, great for soloing and for pop & punk songs, and neck pickup is a deep stong grungier sounding pickup, great for metal, and hard rock). It has a "Natural See-Through Aqua/Black finish, very nice! It has a standard body design except for LTD Designed Headstock. The bridge is none-other than a Floyd-Rose Liscensed! It has LTD tuners with a locking nut. The features on it are pretty much-so perfect.
This is one really fast friggin guitar, picking and left hand motion is not impared by the guitar in any way, very comfortable. The neck is great the XJ frets don't feel like XJ your not stretching your fingers way too much to get to far spaced notes. I love this guiatr for almost anything, it is only second to Gibson Les Paul's when it comes to songs that require a lot of constant chord stumming (like Put Your Lights On - Everlast and Zombie - Cranberries). I have tried almost every company out there (not Epiphone) and this guitar really rocks!! NO PLAYABILITY FLAWS WHATSOEVER!!!!
Sound Quality:
I use a Fender Princeton 65 amp a CryBaby 535Q Wah, BOSS BF-2 Flanger, BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone (for any type of distortion). I play Creed A LOT! it sounds very good for their songs i also play (probably way to much if u can) of Alternative, Hard Rock, and 70's Rock/Metal (Van Halen, Zepplin, etc..) it seems to also be well-suited for blues, very smooth flowing for it. I wouldn't reccomend it for surf, reggae or for "school concert" type uses. It can go from being very very bright (Cumbersome - Seven Mary Three) to very Heavy, Deep and Dark (Enter Sandman - Metallica & Got The Life - Korn). Much fuller sound than any Fender, wider range than Gibson, if you like your Ibanez's sound and want to bring it to the next level this is the guitar for you. Unessecary noise, NONE! i put the controls on my Metal Zone all the way up, stood infront of my amp turned up to 7 and i didn't get noise until i wanted it!!! i'll put it on a 1-10(best) scale for stage, studio. Stage(not moving much - 9), Stage(moving around a lot - 8), Studio (8).
It is definatley reliable enough for stage playing, period. The neck only needs to be adjusted in Summer & winter if your area has major humidity and temp chages between the seasons. Terrific strap locks, just a pain in the a-- to get the strap on (not off) but once on it holds quite well, havent dropped it once (Unlike my Fender, that poor thing, LOL) it fares well during climate changes and could survive without the adjustments but if u want the sound to be top quality it does need the adjustments.