Kid A

by Radiohead

(2000) Capitol #CDP 7243 5 27753 2 3 (copied off back of cd)

Personnel Radiohead, Nigel Godrich
Description The fourth release from Radiohead, a technotic rock album of pop inspiring music.
Posted By Joe Hamilton (99)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Overall Rating: 4.0 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 6/23/2001, Ga Thomas (1904) posted:
Overall Rating:
Radiohead's Kid A is a unique but very interesting album. If you like Radiohead's other albums you will probally like this one too.
On 1/29/2001, Nicolas De LaBrure (58) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very Different! The latest release from Radiohead is quite a shock for those who used to listen to their previous records. NO there is no great guitar playing. NO it ain't got no catchy tunes or singings, but somehow, if you take your time and let yourself be imbued by the beauty of the sounds, you will find more Kid A like a "beautyful trip to some sort of higher state of musical/spiritual experience". Great cd, tough it takes time to truly appreciate it.