ZOOM 3000S Advanced Guitar Effects Processor

Multi-Effects Floor Unit

Made by ZOOM

Description A Guitar Multi-effects unit featuring 9 simultaneous effects (out of 37 total) and seamless patch switching.
Posted By John Close (177)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 11/28/2000, John Close (177) posted:
Overall Rating:
It was between this and a Digitech RPseries, I have prior experience with ZOOM, and played an RP at the local music store, so it was not that difficult of a decision. I would DEFINITELY replace this unit with another one (but I hope it never gets stolen :-)). The Gain/Tone section let you reproduce almost any sound you can think of, even create your own (8 main drive settings, from acoustic to metal). One last thought, I think this unit may have been discontinued to make room for the 3030, but not sure.
Model Year: 1998
Price: $200.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
Features: 40 User definable programs + 40 Factory Presets 37 total effects(9 at a time) The unit included a multifunction remote expression pedal and a microphone for a digital "talk-box" effect. SEAMLESS patch change (this feature really works as promised) Dual effects processors/Amp simulation, parallel or serial modulation effects, including 3 part harmony and dual pitch shifters. AC "wall-wart" operation. Built in TUNER, which drops the output signal so you can tune onstage.
Sound Quality:
I play alot of rock styles, from clean strumming to metal. This unit is extremely versatile at adapting to any style you throw at it. I have an Ibanez RG450 (H-S-H pickup config, 7 way switching-frequently used) and this unit sounds sooooo good, i run straight into a small PA without a dedicated guitar amp! I have had a ZOOM 2020 and it appears that ZOOM has gotten alot better at real issues like durability since then, and ther is no detectable unwanted noise from this unit at all.
Ease of Use:
There's a bit of a learning curve with patch programming, but once mastered, you can create almost any sound. The manual could have been a bit less vague on the operation
BULLETPROOF--- 'nuff said.