A Fine Line Between Ambition And Delusion

by The Blarney Brothers

(1998) Celtic Groove

Personnel David Sparks, Roger Harrison & Steve Harrison, Matthew Williams & Randy Christian, C. Micheal Price
URL http://www.blarneybrothers.com
Description The only way I can descibe this is Celtic Groove. Its mainly Celtic/Irish/Scottish music with some originals and other genre thrown in, all done like no one else could do it!
Posted By Maria Hamilton (75)
Directory Recordings: Other
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On 11/27/2000, Maria Hamilton (75) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album is musically just incredible. True, it can't capture the high energy of the live shows, but the talent and charisma of these six guys is unmistakable. They have taken some of their most popular songs and recorded them for posterity. As a more recent work it is technically better than their first CD, Stuff & Nonsense but I still love that one as well due the larger number of original work. I think one of my personal favorite aspects is the fact that these guys are not only really talented but great friends as well. Roger is an incredible Bassist and Steve is a great guitarist as well. There's not a bad song in the bunch, but many fans have special love for Ireland, a Garth Brooks song, and Witch of the West-Mer-land. Not only because they show so many of the talents of these guys to their best advantages, but also for the obvious joy they get out of playing them onstage! Ireland shows off Some of Steve's vocal range and great mandolin work, and Witch show off the way these guys can work together and build to an exciting conclusion, and Micheal's powerful voice. Bonnie Ship the Diamond shows Randy's great voice and Matthew's energetic drums, if you don't move to this one, you must be dead! I could probably go on forever about how talented all these guys are, but I'm sure there isn't enough room for me to list all their capabilities. Every one is an accomplished musician, and this band is better as a whole for it. Take any one away, and the whole would suffer.