Gretsch 6122jr

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gretsch

Description Junior sized hollow body electric, glossy mahogany with brass/gold hardware, bigsby tremolo, raised pick-guard, sculpted f-clefs above and below pick-ups.
Posted By Shane Keller (120)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 11/27/2000, Shane Keller (120) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at Fenders, Ibanez (for low action and speed playing), Gibson (playability and look), Epiphone, Guild, among others. I would buy it again. I would prefer that it be an American-made Gretsch, but I have had few problems with it. Some of my favorite aspects of this guitar include how smooth and easy it is to play and how unusually beautiful it looks. The floating bridge was difficult at first; the tremolo tends to throw it out of tune if used excessively. Need to see it and play it to appreciate it.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $1549.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
Gretsch Country Gentleman Jr (6122JR); made in Japan by Gretsch; Rosewood fretboard; 22 frets; 6 strings; 2 pos. toggle switch; volume; bass; treble; tone; 2 pick-ups, h/h; Active electronics; humbucker p/ups; Dark glossy mahogany; double cutaway; strings inserted through brass pipe; floating bridge; non-locking tuners, Gretsch.
Low to loe-mid action obtained. Neck is smooth with excellent width; better than most anything i've played: other guitarists fall in love with it and won't put it down. volume knob sometimes comes loose; nut for patch cord plug-in sometimes comes loose; floating bridge takes some getting used to.
Sound Quality:
Currently play through a borrowed crate amp; alternative style; Hendrix style; also well suited for jazz, r&b, country; guitar itself has a fairly large range of adjustment-capability. depending on the amplifier and the guitar's setting, the clean tone can get a little high pitched. adjusting it will take away the ring and give it a nice warm bass tone. Distortion settings can reach a very full range of sounds, especially the Hendrix/classic rock sound. Compares well with most guitars in a similar price range. no mods to this beauty. no excess noise or buzzing. works well for both stage and studio due to its playability and it's unusually beautiful look.
Rarely goes out of tune and never causes string breaks. Has not needed adjustment; Hardware is good so far -- only owned it one year. Taking it on a plane will take it way out of tune ... Such a nice looking guitar that those who handle it want to be very careful.