Godin LG

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Godin

Description Beautiful Mahagony Deep Cherry Hi-Gloss Finish, Shaped like a Gibson Les Paul Jr. (not double cutaway vers. older jr's). 2 humbuckers (sorta :), 24 frets, rosewood fretboard.
Posted By Raemond Coleman (2858)
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On 11/24/2000, Raemond Coleman (2858) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have owned / played Ibanez Roadstar, Ibanez Alan Holdworth, American Strat, Squire Strat, Takamine electric (don't know the model - looked like an SG), Gibson Les Paul Jr., Les Paul. I chose this one because it was inexpensive and played as well or better then any "high end" guitars I have played and sound's great!

My next guitar will be another Godin!
Price: $746.00 Canadian (new)
Where Obtained: Centre Stage Music, Kingston Ontario
* Hi-Gloss Cherry Mahogany Neck and Body * 24 med/jumbo frets (24 3/4" scale) * 1 tone, 1 volume control * Schaller Deluxe (ebony) Machine Heads * Mine is a '95 and comes with 2 Godin Humbuckers that act like 4 humbuckers w/5 way switch - My tone knob is also can be pulled which cuts the frequency on the Humbuckers making them sound like Single Coil picks so in total I have 10 different selections available from my pickups!!! That's 10!!! * New LG's come with 2 Seymor Duncan P90 humbuckers and 3 way switch * Les Paul / Telecaster Body Style * Very classy looking guitar, plays great and a lot of different sounds just from the pickups are available.
My action is fairly low - factory default action actually. The neck feels great in my hands (I have fairly large hands and long fingers) It doesn't feel clubby or frail. It is the nicest playing guitar I have played in 11 years of playing. Flawless in my opinion.
Sound Quality:
I use or have used Marshall 900, Peavy Bandit 112, Pignose 15w, amps with various Distortion pedals, wah-wah's, chorus pedals and delays and eq's (mostly Boss for the pedals except for the wah which is a Cry Baby). I have been through phases and in my guitar playing with this guitar including Metal, Rock, Blues, and Jazz and now am trying country - the guitar has been perfectly suited for all these styles. The guitar sounds how you want it to sound :) depending on which pickup setting you are using, amp and effects The LG symbol on the headstock is ugly (the new ones don't have the ugly symbol - so I guess they fixed this flaw :)
I have had my intonation set once and I have never had to give my truss rod a turn one way or the other. The only that has broken on my guitar is one of my Schaller Machine head casings - when my wife knocked my guitar over (grounds for divorce - except she bought it for me).