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Description Authorized warranty repair center for C.F. Martin and Gibson guitars, repairing new and vintage acoustic & electric guitars, basses, mandolins and dobros. Located in VA.
Posted By Marguerite Pastella
Directory Tech/Services: Repair
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Member Reviews

On 4/7/2004, Keith Butler (370) posted:
Overall Rating:
* Frets leveled and polished * Installed graphite nut * Cleaned pots * Complete setup - installed heavier gauge strings and the tune-o-matic bridge needed adjustment.

Margueritte is the consummate luthier who knows her craft as good, if not better, than anyone I've had the pleasure to meet. A++ on knowledge.

Couldn't have been more easy to work with. She takes the necessary time to fully understand what it is you want done and points out potential "issues" when appropriate. For example, I wanted a .010 - .060 gauge string placed on my Les Paul. She took the time to tell me that the heavier gauge could possibly cause some neck strain, showed me what to look for and how to correct it. She takes a great deal of pride in her work. She even went as far as monitoring the guitar for two days to make sure no negative effects were visible from using the heavier gauge.

The work she performed was second to none. Excellent leveling and polishing job on my frets. The set-up was superb. My Les Paul has never played or sounded better! Like I said, she is a perfectionist and it's her commitment to detail that seperates her from the pack.

I can't recommend Margueritte highly enough. Very reasonably priced, especially when considering the level of high quality work she performs. Magnificent! It is a comfort to know that she is within driving distance should the need arise.
On 3/28/2001, Patrick posted:
Overall Rating:
Fret Not does excellent repairs and whenever I call or write they have been very helpful in helping me with my problems. The owner truly does believe that knowledge is to share. A+
On 11/27/2000, Marguerite Pastella posted:
Overall Rating:
Extremely knowledgable about a wide range of repairs on all fretted instruments. Owner is honest and has a good reputation among clients and fellow luthiers.