Little Wing

by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Personnel Stevie Ray Vaughan & The Double Trouble
Description SRV's version of the classic Hendrix tune. Covered by lot's of artists, but SRV's is far the best. Arg...I messed my review :)
Posted By Mikkel Pedersen (3833)
Directory Recordings: Blues
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Overall Rating: 4.8 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 4/15/2003, Mikkel Pedersen (3833) posted:
Overall Rating:
This song is to be experienced LOUD!

Stevie Ray Vaughan (the only man on earth who could play a Hendrix tune and keep his dignity) plays this song amazingly beautiful.

This song has the well known Vaughan sound with long bends and vibratos. He masters the song to perfection. Most of the original effects such as the muffled strings aren't left out, as most other artist do when performing the song. This song is the perfect example of playing with feeling. I don't think that anyone could ever write down this piece in any form of music notation.

The singing. The fact that he didn't sing the lyrics, doesn't matter at all. The guitar says all there is to say. Especially if you know the lyrics. This is an experience hard to describe.

With all respect to Hendrix I have to say that SRV (a Hendrix fanatic) has outdone him. This song has been on repeat for an hour now, and I like it better each time I hear it. It's possibly the best soloing I've ever heard.

This is why I rate this song with 5 stars. It doesn't get any better. It's perfect, without being boring...
On 4/15/2003, Justin Coleman (23) posted:
Overall Rating:
SRVs 'Little Wing' is clearly some of the greatest solo guitar ever recorded...hand down. His technical skill gives his rendition blinding speed and a real musical fury and whole-hearted tenacity. Usually, an abundance of technical fretwork can start to sound almost mechanical, but through it all, Vaughn still manages to sound out a melody that can choke up even the strongest of men. Truly the pinnacle of musical refinement. Justin
On 5/1/2001, KJ Leichman (1446) posted:
Overall Rating:
I wish I could give this 6's really that good. I usually have SRV playing in my car, and more often than not, I'm turned to this track. Some of those vibrato bends are so saturated with soul and energy that I crank the volume as loud as I can stand it and just let Stevie capture me. I can never listen to this one enough!
On 3/19/2001, Jay Heydt posted:
Overall Rating:
If you have any respect for guitar playing, this one will make you almost sick to your stomach. SRV's version gives me the goosebumps every time. Magical.
On 3/17/2001, Chris Van (24) posted:
Overall Rating:
Without a doubt, this is the best Hendrix cover song. I am a rabid Hendrix and SRV fan, and I can almost say the Stevie might have done it almost as good, if not better than the man himself. The guitar is the center piece, and the fact that the song is insturmental, adds to it.
On 11/22/2000, Carl Anderson (2230) posted:
Overall Rating:
I agree totally. This song captures the best of SRV's playing. He totally BURNS on this song!