Fender BXR200

540W Combo (4 x 4")

Made by Fender

Description Its a bass amp with a 1 by 15 inch speaker cab and a 4 by 10 inch cab. the head pushes i belive a max of 540 watts. each cab has a min. of 250 watts.
Posted By Mike Tellier (28)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 11/17/2000, Mike Tellier (28) posted:
Overall Rating:
I started off with a little crate bxr25 thing. it was a dam good amp. it lasted through everything. was used as everything but a car stand. fell down flights of stairs thrown out windows and didnt die untill my dog got ahold of it. now its a firewerks show. the amp i got now is big. its loud. a little too loud at times. i chose it because i needed somthing big and loud. i would by the cabs again if it were stolen but the head id have to think about. it could be alot better if it had its own volume knob instead of gain as a volume. i love the loudness of it, but it can be too loud at times. it is werth the money
Price: $0.00 (new)
Where Obtained: a guitar store
It has a 10 band eq, a built in chorus with a depth and rate controll, gain as volume(i dont like that feature. im a gain freak) a low knob and a high knob to controll i belive sharpness and brightness, theres three buttons on it, a notch and i cannot remember the other two, another feature to keep it from distorting when at high decible levels. the 4 x 10 cab has a horn in it with its own seprate controll knob.
Sound Quality:
I usually use just a wah with it. i use if for one tune and soloing and didiling. occasionally i use a distortion. i use fender 4 and 5 stringed basses.
Ease of Use:
Plug it in and turn it on.
Its brand new and already withstood the test. i play out frequently. its tough