White Pony

by Deftones

URL http://www.deftones.com
Description A must have for the metal fan.
Posted By Michael Kurczewski (339)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 7/2/2001, David Begin (1116) posted:
Overall Rating:
Deftones are the best. I didn't think they make a better CD after Adreniline, but they did. I will never doubt Deftones again.
On 4/22/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I love this albumn! White Pony, along with all Deftones' albumns are outstanding. This CD got me hooked on them. Everyone should pick up a copy of this. Deftones aren't that good live, because most of their songs are really advanced technically. You should really hear these guys... they rock. If you haven't heard them, at least download a few songs off of Napster. I suggest (off of White Pony): Change (in the house of flies), Digital Bath, Pink Maggot (Back to School, the long one), or Korea. Please, listen to them!
On 11/16/2000, Michael Kurczewski (339) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is the first record I've heard of the Deftones, and based on this I'll be picking up the first 2 as soon as I'm able to. These guys are a really cool metal band that really grooves, kind of in the same way that Helmet used to.

My favorite cut on the record is track #2 "Digital Bath." There is some really cool guitar on this track and it definitely rocks. Maynard from Tool makes a guest appearance on track #9. The single "Change" is a real good track too. For those of you who wondered like I did, the song you hear on MTV and on your radio stations, "Back to School," is not the same on the album. I guess it is a remix but you can find it on the last track in a different form.

The Deftones guitarist Steven Carpenter is a highly technical and innovative player without getting too fancy. You won't hear any cliched metal solos from him, but what he plays fits the songs.

The music reminds me a little of Soundgarden. The riffs in Elite, the third song, sound like they could have come straight off of Superunknown.

I give this record a four for very good. Time will tell whether this will become a classic alternative/metal album, but it should serve to get the Deftones name out to the masses.