Ibanez Jem Dy

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description Ibanez jem yellow with pyramid inlays on the fret board
Posted By Anthony Green (60)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 11/12/2000, Anthony Green (60) posted:
Overall Rating:
One fantastic guitar second to none in the rock world,the only thing it can be beaten on is with the sound of the gibson les paul,but the playability of the ibanez beats it hands down,and you dont get no wammy bar on a gibson
Where Obtained: music exchanges u.k
Sound Quality:
I use ths guitar with a marshall jmp1 into a alesis midiverb 4 ,i can play most styels with this guitar and it still sounds good,it has a nice warm sound some where between a strat and les paul qand is suited to both studio or live work
The durability of this guitar is superb,i have now had it about 10 years or more and gig most weekends with it and use it for practsing on to ,i also have a gibson les paul and a fender strat but they do not come up to the playability of the ibanez,which is older than both