Marshall V80 8080

80W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Marshall

Description Marshalls best selling combo amp during the last 10 yrs. This model amp does not have an ext speaker jack, or headphone jack. I have installed them for my own use. I use a 1930 2x12 under it, an can play with the phones when people are about
Posted By Bruce Maag (15581)
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Member Reviews

On 11/11/2000, Bruce Maag (15581) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have owned them all. Been around awhile. Marshall is my choice. I would buy their newer model, that has the jacks.
Model Year: 1992
Price: $300.00
Where Obtained: eBay
Has effects loop, a clean channel and dirty channel. Equalizer, with contour - which is very handy. It is plenty loud. I installed an external speaker jack, and have a Marshall 1930 2x12 under it. I have used it for medium size gigs. It is a Valvestate (tube-solid state) model. Sounds great!
Sound Quality:
I use Gibson Les Pauls exclusively. I just bought a classic 1960 gold top. It is sweet. Love the neck. I also use a Boss ME-30 processor, for some special stuff. I play mostly hard lead guitar, and this amp suits me fine. Best amp I've had for sound quality, at all volumes. Clean and distortion.
Ease of Use:
You do have to fiddle with it at first to know where the sounds are you want. But it did not take long. This amp is not progammable. I prefer to create patches on my Boss. Why have all your eggs in one basket! The other amps I have owned do not compare to this. They turned on and had volume, treble, and bass controls. And they were name brand amps - not junk.
Never have lost a the tube yet. But I plan on changing it after a year. Coming up soon. Heavy duty constuction. No wear and tear on this 8 yr old amp. I have knocked it down a few times. No damage. The amp has been played for hours at a time, no problem.