Greatest Hits

by Aerosmith

(1980) Columbia

Personnel Pretty darn great album. It sums up the early years of Aerosmith in little over a half-hour.
Description Songs: Dream On, Same Old Song and Dance, Walk This Way, Last Child, Sweet Emotion, Kings and Queens, Draw the Line,Come Together, and Remember (Walking in The Sand) All great songs. One of the greatest rock albums ever. A must have for any collection.
Posted By Ryan Cooper (74)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Overall Rating: 4.2 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 3/22/2005, Adrian Levi (2907) posted:
Overall Rating:
Good compilation of Aerosmith's good stuff before crap like Just Push Play. But why on earth did they put did they do a cover of Remember (Walking in the Sand)...and put it on a greatest hits?? If anyone can shed some light on that ill be glad to hear it.
On 9/19/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a good CD, but it doesn't deserve a full five stars. Why? Because, first of all, it's only 38 minutes long! Where's Train Kept A' Rollin', Get the Lead Out, Toys in the Attic, Uncle Salty, Mama Kin, etc.? Also there are some screwed up edits in here. I don't know exactly where all of them are, but for instance they CUT the CLASSIC intro of Sweet Emotion, and also the rocking outro solo! Also there is another, way better version of Same Old Song and Dance with alot of solos and stuff. I don't get why they did this. But other than that it's a great CD, and I especially love the little known track Kings and Queens.
On 2/19/2001, Carl Anderson (2230) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great album. all of areosmith's best songs.
On 11/11/2000, Ryan Cooper (74) posted:
Overall Rating:
Since it is a compolation of their best singles it is great. The only problem is that back when it was on vinyl all the songs couldnt fit on one record so the cut some wicked guitar parts out of songs. The guitar playing that wasnt cut out was superb. The guitarists on here (Brad Whitford and Joe Perry) are great. This record's got lots of cool riffs and licks to listen to.