Bebop Blues

by Corey Christiansen

(2000) Mel Bay #0-7866-4972-0

Description Applying the jazz language to the blues is covered in this text in standard notation and tab. Written for blues guitarists who want take their blues playing to a new level
Posted By Corey Christiansen
Directory Books/Tab: Jazz
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Member Reviews

On 11/21/2000, Rich Fazio (114) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think the ideas are presented clearly and the recording is very high quality. My only complaint is that there are errors in some of the transcriptions to some of the solos. A little more proof reading of the tab would have caught this.

Otherwise worth the money.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists
On 11/11/2000, Corey Christiansen posted:
Overall Rating:
This ideas in this book have helped myself and my students become more familiar with the jazz language. Most guitarists understand blues forms very well, but get stuck in the rut of the blues scale when they improvise. This book delivers answers in way that any guitarists can understand. The books play-along CD gives students the opportunity to practice the ideas presented and play with a "live" rhythm s