Still Life

by Opeth

(1999) Old-Peaceville / New-Music For Nations

Description Black/death metal intertwined with melodic acoustic passages with elements of jazz showing up in just the right spots. Many have tried this. Opeth alone succeeds.
Posted By Al Shah (346)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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On 11/8/2000, Al Shah (346) posted:
Overall Rating:
Black and/or Death metal has never sounded better. Opeth features vicious dual guitar power riffs (each guitar has different part, together they make the riff) accompanied by death vocals, beautifully intertwined with dual guitar acoustic passages and clean vocal harmonies, and then a mixture of both, and perfectly well-placed solos. They are the most original and best sounding metal band I've ever heard. They combine death metal with jazz in many of their songs; one song on Still Life, "Face of Melinda," even starts out with a relaxed jazz lounge type feel. Their riffs, especially in Still Life, beat the crap out of ANYTHING in death metal today. Fans of Type O Negative and My Dying Bride will love this. Even if you don't like death metal this is still very very enjoyable. All of their other albums are deserve a 5, but this deserves a 6. Still Life also features a twisted story about a deceased lover coming back to meet his beloved Melinda... it's strange but works very well for the type of music. If you like metal you HAVE TO GET IT. There is no excuse; even though Still Life is an import and therefore costs at least $20, it's worth MORE than every penny. They are easily the most underrated metal band today.