Snarling Dogs Blues Bawls Wah

Multi-Effects Pedal

Made by Snarling Dogs

Description A very versatile pedal. 3 killer wah modes plus a great distotion. All this in one pedal. Also has signature 'Snarling Dogs' light-up eyes.
Posted By Mark Gramola (594)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 11/7/2000, Mark Gramola (594) posted:
Overall Rating:
This enables you to also use the Blues Bawl as a stand-alone tone pedal. Use the Blues Bawl as a wah/distortion pedal, or as a wah, or just as a Blue Doo distortion pedal. Blues Bawl, the wah that hurts.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $115.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Fred's Music Lancaster
The Blues Bawl give you the same 3 killer modes & 18dB preamp & volume control found in the Whine-O Wah, plus Blue Doo distortion/overdrive. I use batteries on it, but always take back-ups to live gigs.
Sound Quality:
Its fat, low-end distortion and long frequency sweep gives you an incredibly wide tonal selection within each mode. I run my vintage '68 Danelectro DC-59 to a Marshall stack. It's like a match made in guitar heaven. I sometimes use just the distortion (that can be a little hard to get at) sometimes just the wah. Very little noise.
Ease of Use:
Pretty easy to use. Hitting just the distortion button can be a little tricky sometimes. But other than that it's real easy.
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