Alien Love Child: Live And Beyond

by Eric Johnson

(2000) Favored Nations #FN 2040-2

Personnel Eric Johnson, and his new band Alien Love Child (Bill Maddox on drums, Chris Maresh on bass, and an amazing Malford Milligan, singer of 2 tracks).
Description This is an amazing live album. Eric plays incredibly, and shows his influences including an obvious Scott Henderson influence. Eric's Playing dives deeper into jazz than ever, and he isn't as much of a perfectionist. This album is recomended for everyone.
Posted By Eric Stanbrough (1108)
Directory Recordings: Blues
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On 11/3/2000, Eric Stanbrough (1108) posted:
Overall Rating:
I believe his playing here is amazing, he isn't as much of a perfectionist as he used to be and sounds more real in the result, this live record shows Eric showing his Wes Montgomery and George Benson influence as well as his Hendrix and SRV blues influence and also some of his Vai and Satriani shredding days also. His singer on 2 tracks is amazing also, he has that right feel for the blues and you can hear it here. Eric goes farther into jazz on this album than ever and shows he still has those legendary chops. This is an amazing album from a guitar legend and his band plays together and tight amazingly, you can tell Scott Henderson is a new influence of Eric's and it has helped his playing immensely. This is a great album , i am glad i bought it, i recommend it to everyone. Listening to it can only help your playing.