Live At Pachyderm Studio 1998

by Indigenous

(1999) Pachyderm

Personnel Mato Nanji - guitar, vocals Wandbi - drums, vocals Horse - percussion Pte - bass, vocals
Description Indigenous is a family of blues-rockers from South Dakota who are all Native Americans and part of the Nakota Nation.
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Directory Recordings: Blues
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On 10/28/2000, Inactive Member posted:
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This album was recorded in front of a small audience at Pachyderm Studio in 1998. it's a collection of 9 originals and one cover, Jimi Hendrix's "Red House". many of the songs have elongated solo sections which is definitely what the listeners want to hear, because Mato Nanji is an incredible player. the influence of Hendrix and SRV (and all other great bluesmen) is obviously present in his playing, but he also plays with his own fire and drive. in some cases, it is more refreshing to hear him play than either jimi or stevie, because he blends their styles and those of others so well. i got the album after hearing "Red House", but almost all of the other tracks are just as good. if you want to hear great bluesmen reincarnated with an added flare, buy this and you will not be dissapointed.