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Posted By Dave Haantz (166)
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On 10/28/2000, Dave Haantz (166) posted:
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If you are famous enough you are on this site. You would have a nice set of photos of your BAND to look at. And if you have a great song they would set you UP with a realplayer photoslide with your music and photos together. Real Cool!!! They also have videos of some of the bands.

Check out Antigone Rising's song ("Pretty Girl" -top ten charts) and ("Better" also top ten MP3 charts)

They would also set you up with a website on the site no not some cookie cutter page a custom page check out dropzone's website.

So far there is no charging the bands they put up for "free"

E-mail the site at with some info on your band and if your lucky they may come see you and like you. Cool site!