The Clash

by The Clash

(1977) Epic #EK 36060

Personnel Mick Jones, Joe Strummer, Paul Simonon, Tory Crimes, Topper Headon.
Description One of the essential albums of 1977 and essential for all punk fans. Classic, full bore punk.
Posted By Howard Owens (3129)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 3/20/2001, Karl Haikara (2330) posted:
Overall Rating:
The Clash where one of the best punk bands of the 70s. They had attitude, plus Mick Jones, and Joe Strummer are some great punk guitarists. You can get all kinds of licks and other things from them.
Besides the playing, the writing is very good. The lines are like regge, a punk for the people.
Check it out.
On 10/21/2000, Howard Owens (3129) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album is some times referred to as the "Green Album." The U.S. release contains 15 tracks, all of which are outstanding. For guitar players looking to pick up some punk licks and attitude, Mick Jones and Joe Strummer are two guys worth going to school on. Jones, while not the most inventive, was a melodic, intelligent lead guitarist.

Highlights include "I'm so bored with the USA," "White Riot," "London's Burning," "I fought the law," "Police and Thieves" and the ultimate garage band song, "Garageland."