The Blues Inside Out

by Richard Daniels

Description This is a narrative of the old man and the kid. The old man takes the aspiring kid through the blues from history. To Guitar technique.
Posted By Tim Floto (6151)
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On 10/20/2000, Tim Floto (6151) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is an excellent book not only to learn blues history but to learn blues guitar. There are exercise from 12 bar rhythm and chords to pentatonic scales all over the fretboard - all present in the context of the narrative. (One chapter, 50 Blues Moves was made into a separate book using more standard tab notation and including a cd - this too is a five star book). The whole treatment is done in both the key of E and the key of A. Also some good theory is sprinkled about, though not to the point of being pedatic. I rate it fo intermediate use because there is not a lot of hand holding on the lessons though a beginning guitarist could with patience get through it. You could actually skip the lessons and it's still a great book on blues.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists