DigiTech Gsp5

Multi-Effects Rack Unit

Made by DigiTech

Description This multi fx unit is quite old now, but it still has many a usefull function.It has reverb delay tap delay flanging chorus eq and distortion.
Posted By Robert Walsh (7)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 9/1/2001, Jeff Chellew (130) posted:
Overall Rating:
I might buy it again if i lost it. it's good. but then again i only paid 50 bucks for it so i am satisfied. it's a good first processor
Model Year: 1989
Price: $50.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
Good multi-fx processor. rackmountable. has chorus, reverb,flange,delay,multitap,dist.,amp voicing,eq.
Sound Quality:
This thing is actually pretty dang good for being so old. The reverb effects on it are phenomenal. i was blown away. the distortion is ok for being digital. the flange sucks balls though. the chorus is great. the eq is really nice. you can really tweak it to suit your sound. the delays are good to. it will delay up to 2 seconds. the only problem is it can be a little noisy when using chorus or distortion. it has no built in noise gate. and it also doesnt have a compressor/sustainer.
Ease of Use:
Oh man. if you don't have a manual forget about programming this thing. it's got an ancient red LED on it. it's those big red block letters and numbers. but once you actually figure out how to program it it's not that bad.
Very durable. Totally reliable.