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Description Detailed information on guitar transciption. Then the cd that comes with it plays the transciption with all instruments.Then the lead guitar is taken out so you can jam to it.
Posted By Joe Ramirez (703)
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On 10/2/2000, Joe Ramirez (703) posted:
Overall Rating:
The best thing is the improv that you can do while the guitars are taken out. You are the only guitar player! You can do the rythem guitar part and trade of with some leads...or focus on a specific part,it all depends on your style of playing! Its fantastic!Look into it! I got mine at Hastings Entertainment superstore.By the way,the mag. runs about ten dollars.
On 10/2/2000, Antonio Rosa (6847) posted:
Overall Rating:
I'm a reader since the first or second issue. I like this magazine for the same reasons and because it does have a minimum of advertising or reviews. Almost only lessons and transcriptions. Is covers a good variety of playing styles and has lessons or transcriptions for different levels of playing. I don't like the TAB system there, as it does not relate to the capo position. Because I'm used to a different notation, I have to rewrite myself the tabs that use a capo (the one's I'm interested).