Blood On The Tracks

by Bob Dylan

(1974) Columbia #CK 33235

Personnel Bob Dylan, Tony Brown, Buddy Cage, Paul Griffin, Eric Weissberg
Description More rock and blues from one of the 20th Centuries greatest songwriters.
Posted By Howard Owens (3129)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 8/16/2001, Ian Allen (821) posted:
Overall Rating:
What a great album. Some of his best songs on one CD. A great album to listen to while sitting around with pleasent company sipping on a drink.
On 6/14/2001, Ga Thomas (1904) posted:
Overall Rating:
It would be impossible for me to select the best Bob Dylan album, but this would be a definite frontrunner. When listened to in the context of it being a Bob Dylan album it is indisputably one of his best. When listened to not consiously as a Bob Dylan album it is a unique, brilliant, and one of the saddest albums ever heard.
On 9/30/2000, Howard Owens (3129) posted:
Overall Rating:
Dylan's lyrics are always packed with meaning that reverberate and reward repeated listening and study. Musically, it just doesn't get much better than this. Throw aside all of the slick, over produced junk major labels put out today and listen to some music that is from the heart and as authentic as it gets.