Highway 61 Revisited

by Bob Dylan

(1965) Columbia #CK 9189

Personnel Bob Dylan, Michael Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Bobby Gregg, Harvey Goldstein, Charley McCoy, Frank Owens, Russ Savakus
Description Blues, folk, rock with insightful lyrics and stunning musicianship.
Posted By Howard Owens (3129)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 3/19/2001, Stan Okimoto posted:
Overall Rating:
While Abbey Road sounds dated and antiquated, Highway 61 still sounds fresh and challenging. Though Bringing It All Back Home is still my favorite, Highway 61 is the one that makes me jump through hoops!
On 1/13/2001, Mark Gordon (3061) posted:
Overall Rating:
I agree completely...this record is to Dylan what Abbey Road was to the Beatles and Beggars Banquet was to the Stones...all at the peak of their songwriting/performing skills. "Tombstone Blues" alone is worth any ten albums of the period.
On 9/30/2000, Howard Owens (3129) posted:
Overall Rating:
One of the five or 10 greatest albums ever. Whether you study music as a guitar player, a songwriter or a performer, Highway 61 is an essential and rewarding journey. You could spend a lifetime studying this record.