Twanger PraxAx Guitar/steel String

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Twanger PraxAx

Description Fantastic tool for right hand picking workouts when I'm away from my regular ax. Like commuting, downtime at work, hanging out. My timing improved, better touch, speed, endurance. Great item . Great work !
Posted By Ralph Rosenberg (9)
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Member Reviews

On 9/27/2000, Ralph Rosenberg (9) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great idea, really useful. Helped my playing a LOT in a very short time. My timing is better, notes have more feel, better phrasing, more endurance, new styles. Wish I had one sooner.
Price: $35.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Twanger Inc,
Vermont maple with real guitar strings. Nylon web belt so you can wear it if you want to. About the size of my hand, it lets me work on right hand chops anytime, anywhere. I noticed real improvement in a couple of days. Great idea. Glad I thought of it!
It's a really neat idea. I love it. But it's not a real guitar. It's like part of a travel guitar. Very short strings make a high pitched sound, or you can mute them. Each string's tension can be individually adjusted. You can get a rhythm groove going, or jam along with the radio. the point of it isn't the sound, its the extra practice you can get during commutes or other downtime when one hand is free.
Sound Quality:
You can use it for any picking style you want. AmpReady version has a built in pickup & output jack for plugging in to earphone amp or mini amp. Hardly makes any noise if you mute the strings, so you can even use it at shows or watching TV.
Very rugged. Just don't try to tune the strings too tight. You can make replacement string assemblies from an old set of strings, or will mail them to you.