Creative Force - Parts 1 And 2

by Pat Martino

(1993) REH #REH840 and REH841

Description These videos are quite cool, it takes a few watchings for the information to seep in but, Pat describes and plays all examples convincingly and at slow and faster tempos.
Posted By Sam Munro (1500)
Directory Videos: Instructional
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On 12/1/2009, Sam Munro (1500) posted:
Overall Rating:
The picture quality is very good although with that REH home video feel.

 Going through this video with guitar at hand has opened my playing up to new possibilities and has helped a little more with understanding Pat's Jazz concepts.

Guitar videos are normally expensive so if you commit yourself to the purchase you should know that the content will be benificial and worthwhile. I found creative force to be of interest and informative. The videos also contain mini interveiws with Pat about Music, What he's doing now and how he got his life back on track after the trauma of his brain problems.
Suitable for advanced guitarists