Marshall JH-1 Jackhammer Distortion

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Marshall

Description Marshall distortion pedal with tons of controls and tone shaping capabilities.
Posted By Jesse Wallace (87)
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Member Reviews

On 9/8/2003, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Does everthing I wanted for a distortion pedal, at a very reasonable price. In fact the dude in the shop, and thats SoundWorld in Newcastle, England, threw in two leads, all for 50 quid. Nice one!
Where Obtained: Sound Control, Newcastle, England
Ok, so I really dont need to reiterate all the features on this pedal. What I will add is that when I was out shopping for a distortion pedal I was offered another Marshall, (im gonna have to edit this as I cant remember its name!, sorry) anyway, my point is is that this pedal only had the distortion option, NOT the overdrive as well, bear in mind that both these pedals were priced the same! I test drove them both and in my opinion, for your money, the Jackhammer could do everything the other pedal could do and more. The best feature on the pedal is the the frequency sweep. Basically you select your frequency range, then cut or boost it to suit your need. If the dial is swept right round to the left, it by passes this function, which Ive found ive been using.
Sound Quality:
Dont use this pedal with a Peavy amp, your in trouble. OK i gigged it last week (without a sound check) and my sound, im afraid to say was messy. The pedal, as has already been mentioned does have a good natural, analogue sound but going through the Peavy destroyed it. My sound, and this pedal is definitely suited for it, is to keep it with a good bit of treble, less mid, and a healthy bit of bass. Add reverb to suit, but your after as 'dryer' a sound as possible. Use the overdrive setting, and about a quarter of gain. Your bass and treble settings on the pedal should be about the same as your amp. What this gives me is a really warm fuzz, excellent definition on chords, and more than satisfactory sustain for those bluesy solos. That said, switch it to distortion, crank up the gain, and you have a totally new pedal at your feet!
Ease of Use:
Know what sound your after before you start tweaking, then again tweaking is half the fun. There are four knobs in total. Three of which are double, by which I mean there is a smaller knob set within the lower, this is a bit fiddly, so make sure you know your settings BEFORE you go on stage.
OK, its a heavy, well constructed pedal, what else can I add. Well, ive had it a month, and ive found the smaller knobs as mentioned above seem to have become stuck in the larger ones on two of the dials. This means as you turn the outer knob, the inner one turns as well. Very inconvenient. Maybe i just need some grease
On 4/12/2003, Tithira Wijetilleke (43) posted:
Overall Rating:
Why isnt this box more popular?? I love it. I tried every other distorion and overdrive pedal in the store. Including many that were more expensive. This had the sound i was going for.
Would I buy this if it were lost or stolen? Hell yea.
Only way this could be better, if the Mode knob was a footswitch. The best thing about this box is the range of sounds it can produce. The worst thing is that the knobs arent as rugged as they seem to be.

Price: $199.00 New Zealand Dollars (new)
Where Obtained: NZ Rockshops
CONTROLS (left to right):
The unit can do both distorion and overdrive. Both of which sound great. It has 3 dual knobs (so 7 controls).
1.Mode (Overdrive/Distortion)

The battery lasts reasonably well.

The unit is ANALOG and MONO.
Sound Quality:
This is my perfect distortion pedal. I prefer it to any thing Boss has to offer. The sound is very analog and real. It is very aggressive sounding when u need it to be. The distortion is very smooth (compressed). The bypass is good. Ive noticed no discolouration of my sound in bybass.
The countour-freq controls are great to shape your sound the way you want it.
The unit can produce a slight hum if your not careful. Make sure it is off when your not playing.
Ease of Use:
The unit is fairly straightforward. If you arent used to countour-freq controls, it might take awhile to use the pedal to its full potential. The manual gives a brief explanation on how to used them. The manual also gives some useful sample settings to get you started. The sound is good in any setting, but to get that 'perfect' sound, you might have to fiddle a lot with your amp and unit.
The unit seems really solid, however Ive managed to bend one of the knobs. A sharp knock from the top or top corner might bend the knobs. Making them useless untill you straighten em.
I also managed to break the screw for the battery compartment by using a screwdriver and not a coin like I was supposed to.
It's heavier than my Boss reverb (RV-3). It really feels solid if nothing else. And the chrome knobs. Gotta love em.
On 5/14/2002, Chris Downs (4) posted:
Overall Rating:
Like i said, its a brilliant pedal.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $0.00 45 pound sterlng (new)
Where Obtained: apoco music
This is a brilliant little pedal. it has a vast range of tones and uses. not onley is it a distortion/overdrive pedal it also can be used as a volume pedal. it is battry poerd but can have an adaptor if u want to spend money on it. the battrey lasts long enough to do a gig with and the battery is easy to change. it has one swich wich has either overdrive or distortion and there are 6 pots: volume, drive, contour, and 3 others that i cant remember for the life of me. this is the first pedal i bought and i am verry pleased with it! id advise anybody thinking of gettin the jackhammer to go for it!
Sound Quality:
If ur have it on and you are not playing there is a little bit of static. u can allways turn it off tough.
Ease of Use:
It is easy to get the sound u want and it is a pre set unit. ( i diddnt see all theese boxes and all i wanted to say is in the forst box)
It hasnt packed up on me yet. well i have had it for a few weeks and it did come with a 1 year warrenty.
On 3/28/2002, Chris Pinto (24466) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very good distortion pedal. I personally like it better than the BOSS Metal Zone. Sound quality is a bit better, not a fake sounding. Can get really nice old Marshall sounds, and some serious Metal/crunchy/chunky distortion also! Very versatil distortion pedal.

I only rate things at a "4" simply because there's better pedals out there, & nothing's perfect. BUT, It's a REALLY good pedal nevertheless!
Model Year: 2001
Price: $85.00 (new)
Where Obtained:
Typical styled distortion pedal. One footswitch...Similar to the BOSS Metal Zone in features. 4 Knobs Dist/Overdrive, contour..etc Similar in design as BOSS Metal Zone pedal. AC or Batt (9V) No tubes...Loaded for a distortion pedal!
Sound Quality:
I currently use this with a bunch of different stuff, but, mainly my Laney 1/2 stack, and various other things. Fender American Deluxe Strats, 80's Kramers...etc This is actually a great sounding pedal, I really like it MUCH better than the Metal Zone. Doesn't sound as processed/fake...One of the "better" distortion pedals in that genre. Not very noisy either!
Ease of Use:
Very easy to use. BUT, having 4 knobs, it will take some time to really "tweak" or "dial-in" a sound to your liking. But, once you find it, you're in!
Pretty durable (heavy duty), VERY nice input jacks, steel construction, pretty heavy actually. But, I think the stompswitch is actually built onto the PC Board, which is NOT a good design. Many manufacturers do it nowadays...unfortunately. BUT, pedal seems to be built well, and I don't see any real problems in the near future.
On 9/21/2000, Jesse Wallace (87) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is and will continue to be an intergral part of my guitar sound. id buy another one the next day if it were stolen. give it a try. its quite the heck of a pedal, but you wont know if its fit for you until you try it.
Price: $89.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Mars Music
This thing is loaded. it has overdrive or distortion selection modes, depending on your sound or mood. its also got gain, volume, treble and bass. then it throws in marshall's contour knob, with level and frequency selection. you can spend hours tweakin it.
Sound Quality:
I run it through a blue voodoo and 2 4x12's with an epi les paul, but ive also played it on a marshall 30w practice amp. the jackhammers sound is amazing. you can reproduce about an distorion sound you can concieve. light, hard, thin, saturated, mega saturated, super dark or heavy, tubelike, fuzzy....the list goes on. if you cant tweak this thing to sound what you want it to, then i gotta hear what the heck your playing. it blows away all the other pedals i tried: smashbox, supra distortion, big muff, jekyll and hyde. this is top notch. i play metalish rapcore rock, and i get a great variety of sounds from this unit. there is some feedback at higher gains (just like anything else), but can be easily remedied with a noise gate/suppressor. it has a great bypass mode and seems to rock better in front of my setup, not in the effects loop. but you gotta find out for youself.
Ease of Use:
Granted it is a bit more difficult to use because of the extra knobs and controls, but if you can use a toaster then you can figure out how to use this.
Its built like a mac truck on steriods. its die cast and heavy....ha....heavy metal.