by Boston

(1976) Columbia

Description I'm amazed at how many of these songs are fantastic!
Posted By Cary Frick (3578)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 2/15/2004, Bart Cochran (386) posted:
Overall Rating:
One of the best ever made.
On 4/28/2002, Darryl Roberts (5330) posted:
Overall Rating:
Boston was arguably the last great rock band of the 70's. Their debut album exploded on the scene, and it seemed there was no stopping them. Same with the second album. Sold out concerts, top of the world, then.... nothing, for nearly 20 years. But back to the album. Every song is an instant classic. Is it polished? Sure. Commercial? Maybe. Even slick in places. But immaculately executed, and regardless of all this, whose to say "commercial=bad?". Solid musicianship, great vocals, excellent pop/rock songs. What else do you want?
On 4/23/2002, Joseph Albrecht (39) posted:
Overall Rating:
Boston overall is an awesome band... this is probably their best CD. A definite recommended buy.
On 7/22/2001, Stone Dragon (8501) posted:
Overall Rating:
Considering the fact that some of these tracks were demos, recorded in Tom Scholz basement studio, it is absolutely amazing how well this album holds up so many years later. This is probably some of the cleanest and well-mixed rock and roll to come out of the '70s.

Every song on this album has probably spent too much time on FM radio play lists, but that hasn't stopped people from deifying other groups such as Zepplin. These songs are classics. And this album flows perfectly from one classic to the next.

Well done!
On 7/12/2001, Robert Silvia (1575) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think I have had this album since my early teens at the time I thought it was great. I'm a bit older now and my taste have changed, But I still am amazed with how well they arrange their songs.
On 1/14/2001, Anthony Holden (9426) posted:
Overall Rating:
When I originally bought this record, I played it so much that the record actually went white!! There are not many albums that every song is good. The positioning of the songs couldn't have been any better, the songs flow nicely together. The singing is immaculate, and the guitar parts are layered with precision. The production, song structure are a most definite. I highly recommend this album. Millions of listeners can't be wrong.
On 12/3/2000, Carl Anderson (2230) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great CD. All of Boston's songs are absolutly great. Excellent stuff.
On 9/28/2000, Will Lockett (49) posted:
Overall Rating:
I think Boston is somewhat over commercialized as well. I also think, however, that this is a very good rock album, with pretty good guitar work.
On 9/25/2000, Howard Owens (3129) posted:
Overall Rating:
I'm amazed how dreadfully horrible Boston is yet people continue to praise this overly commercialized, deadly dull, pre-processed, predictable rock act.
On 9/21/2000, Cary Frick (3578) posted:
Overall Rating:
Believe it or not, I just got this album a week ago! lol I listened to it and said to myself, "this is a great song, so is this one, so is this one, etc..."! I have been missing out for the last 25 years! What a great album!