The Story Of The Clash

by The Clash

(1999) Sony

Description Remember punk rock? The Sex Pistols, The Clash. This is a double CD set spanning the era of a great group.
Posted By Michael Paetz (216)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 9/18/2000, Michael Paetz (216) posted:
Overall Rating:
The first CD from this set has the best fo the groups work from: track 2 "Rock the Casbah," track 4 "Should I Stay or Should I Go," track 5 "Straight To Hell," track 8 "Train in Vain," and track 10 "I Fought the Law," being the most noteable. Disc 2 is not so great, the only good tunes I could find were "London Calling," which is one of their best! "English Civil War," was the other. Kind of a disappointment compared to the awesome selection offered on the first disc. These guys had a wide array of influences one of which include Bob Marley. Some great classic music! Too bad disc 2 had to suck!