Shubb C1-B

Made by Shubb

Description Shubb Capo in brass. Easy to use, especially because of their patented lever-adjustment thing (I'm no technie!). Rubber arm is slightly arched, almost like your index finger when playing a barre chord.
Posted By Tom Biglin (1159)
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On 9/8/2000, Tom Biglin (1159) posted:
Overall Rating:
The only capo for me!
Price: $18.99 (new)
Where Obtained: matt umanov guitars (new york city)
This capo is easy to use. The lever arm affords quick release and setup. Action closely resembles your index finger when barre-ing a chord. Plus, it looks good (especially in brass) and feels good in your hand. I highly recommend this as the capo of choice!
To say that Shubb is a highly respected manufacturer of capos would be an understatement. I believe it sets the industry standard.