Gibson Epiphone Acoustic

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description Mahogany-tone body, black fingerboard, steel strings
Posted By Dave Mastromatteo (110)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 9/6/2000, Dave Mastromatteo (110) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar was chosen over a Martin and a no-name. If this guitar were lost, I'd probably buy a Rickenbacker...joking. This one most likely. Best aspect of the guitar is the quality for price. It is the BEST acoustic you can get for 200 me. GREAT color, too!
Model Year: 2000
Price: $200.00 (new)
Made in Indonesia, Mahogony, 21 frets, 6 string Acoustic, Natural finish
It plays about the same as a high-end Martin, EXCELLENT sound. Neck interferes a little with lower string playing and bends don't seem to come off real well...half bends are about all it's capable of. Other than that, it's a wonderful acoustic.
Sound Quality:
Good jazz + blues guitar Rock is pushing it a little, but it still comes out okay. Stands up to ALL acoustic guitars I've ever played. D string buzzes a little too easily. DEFINATELY a practice guitar...stage possibly.
VERY reliable. Takes FOREVER before becoming even slightly out of tune. Don't know about climate changes...I live in California.