Mars Music GX-15 Guitar Cable

Made by Mars Music

Description This is an excellent guitar cable,read on for more...
Posted By Laton Smith (301)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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On 9/6/2000, Laton Smith (301) posted:
Overall Rating:
I look at the fender california cable,which was too expensive. my favorite aspect is that it is very durable and reliable at a decent price.
Price: $11.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Mars Music
This is an excellent guitar cable,it's 15 feet long with high quality made parts,it comes in many different colors mine is bronze it looks like a snake that's cool.
Definitly it is reliable for steady playing. Mars music make's high quality products. it's very durable you can run a car over it and still won't do any damage to it.