Danelectro Dano

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Danelectro

Description This little effect is pretty cool. It's kinda of a dark purple brown and has three control knobs and a foot switch for on/off. It's made of heavy duty plastc and I doubt that I'll break it. It's really cool.
Posted By Ryan Cooper (74)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 9/3/2000, Ryan Cooper (74) posted:
Overall Rating:
The min flanger is a great little effect. You get alot for the $39 it cost. It has long sweeps to tremelo like sounds. It's great for all sorts of music and noisless on/off. The only one beef I have against it is it eats up batteries like horse. Aside from that, it is great.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $39.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Reno's Music
It has a Width, regeneration and speed contols. It can be powered by both an ac or batt.
Sound Quality:
This is the only efect I have that I use And I run a De'Armond M75 to the Mini Flanger to A Fender Princeton Chorus. I use this for like 60's style rock and whateverI guess. I used at church foor gosh sake. I compared this w/ the Ibanez flanger and this was just as good.
Ease of Use:
Of coarse its easy. three knobs can't get much easier for all the tonal possibilities it has.
It is a pretty heavy duty palstic and seems like it coould easily take live playing. I doubt I would break it.