Onyx 1038w

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Onyx

Description White color, lovely firey scratch plate fender stratocastor copy, great for its price, 2 pickups, 2 volume knobs and pickup switch
Posted By Peter Bartlett (33)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 8/30/2000, Peter Bartlett (33) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a lot more, but i only had $150, im only 14 jeez there is no way i'd but this guitar again if i trashed the guitar (and AMP) and got a new one it would be better fav. aspect = its a guitar worst aspect= its a s--- one although its pretty s--- in most ways, it is enough for me to practice on, ive been playing for 4 months now and will hopefully have a new guitar sometime next year. If i keep up playing guitar and stay interested then i'll be getting a good custom made one :0) YES that'll be cool
Model Year: 1966
Price: $50.00 australian dollar
Where Obtained: trading post
Made in Australia body made from i dunno some sorta plastic, neck is some sort of wood 22 frets 6 string 1 volume 1 tone 1 PU switch 2 pickups S/S passive electronics flame-top finish double cutaway string thru body bridge locking tuners and onyx is the brand
This guitar for its price, features and amp with it, is VERY susprisingly a good guitar, and i can get most of the sound i need out of it. Its fairly lightweight and it is REALLY comfortable to play. And no flaws at all.
Sound Quality:
One 10w s---ty practice amp i play whatever i can on guitar and it suits most exept country nice dark sound as i have thicker strings on it I NEED A BETTER AMP and it would sound just as good as other guitars i have played im considering getting a whole new guitar soon noisy when i turn the volume up (well dahh) i dont play on stage or studio so i wouldnt know
Not sure YET