Ernie Ball/Music Man Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom

Made by Ernie Ball/Music Man

Description I recommend these strings highly,read on for more...
Posted By Laton Smith (301)
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On 3/16/2002, Joe Gonzales (258) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have only one complaint about these strings, and that is because of the string tension, my less expensive guitars need more frequent truss rod adjustments. Other than that, a great string for all styles of music, especially hard rock, metal, and blues.
Sound Quality:
These strings are almost necessary for me to play. I have every electric I own strung with these, because of the difference in the sound. Warm sounding for any style of music.
Once you get a set of these on, they stay in tune as well as your tuning machines are capable of keeping them. the heavy bottom helps keep them in tune when using a drop-D tuning. They last damn near forever, I have never broken one. They sound new longer, and don't lose their sound for a decent amount of time.
On 2/20/2002, Brian Blohowiak (149) posted:
Overall Rating:
Sound Quality:
On 8/28/2000, Laton Smith (301) posted:
Overall Rating:
Fender 250's don't have to be better. That there strong and durable. I recommend these strings highly for Punk Rock...
Price: $3.49 (new)
Where Obtained: Mars Music
The guage on these strings are 10. - 52. The material is:Nickel No Ball ends. These strings are strong and durable made for any kind of rock-n-roll or heavy metal.
Sound Quality:
Fender Stratocasters and Marshall Amps. Rock N Roll,Heavy Metal,Punk Rock,Altenative. Not Really Excellent
It depends how long or how often you play them. Hell Yes they stay in tune. Once again it depends how often you play them.