Significant Other

by Limp Bizkit

(1999) UNI/Interscope

Description This album is the sh*t, read on for more good stuff...
Posted By Laton Smith (301)
Directory Recordings: Alternative
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Overall Rating: 1.6 (of 5)
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Member Reviews

On 7/21/2002, Katie Alarcon (2528) posted:
Overall Rating:
I changed my mind Limp Sucks!!!!!!!!!!
On 10/2/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
ZERO! Thats how much this album really deserves. Between the p-ss poor lyrics, to the mucus they call music. It all bites the big burritto!
On 3/23/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
As god as my witness this is the s---tiest s--- ever. EVEN WORSE THAN SLIPKNOT! Fred Durst has a very whiny voice and is fat. Also one time he called Scott Stapp from Creed a pussy and then Stapp challenged him to a fight for charity. Durst pussied out and said it was because he is against violence. Which I find kind of weird since it goes against every lyric he's ever written such as "I'll break your f---in' face tonight!" "Stick it up your ass!", and more. Also he had the F---ING NERVE to call Metallica sellouts because they don't support Napster. But then again, for someone who sold twelve million albums like Durst, he sure must be poor because Napster paid for his last tour! Metallica pays for their own f---ing tours! Speaking of which, if you want something that actually is heavy and rocking with good music and attitude as well, ask any real metal fan and they will tell you to get your dumb a-- to a record store and pick up Master of Puppets!
On 12/28/2000, Joe Hamilton (99) posted:
Overall Rating:
Limp Bizkit should be renamed "The Fred Durst Show", and then be stricken to VERY limited syndication so we can laugh at how talentless these mothers are. Fred Durst's ego knocks the playing out the window. Maybe this album has some rocking beats to it, but it sucks when you look past that facade. Don't listen to the Bizkit, they are horrible.
On 10/12/2000, Tim Segal (82) posted:
Overall Rating:
Crap!!!! This is the worst album i have ever listened to. I wanted to kill myself after this.... It lacked everything, decent guitar playing, decent lyrics; there's a limit to the amount of words that rhyme with 'f---'!! I definitely would not recommend this to anyone and have sold it to some mug.
On 9/19/2000, Tim Williams (335) posted:
Overall Rating:
Yeah Boyee limp bizkit rock this worlds sorry booty. Fred Durst is the coolest because of the creative way he wears his red baseball cap backwards! man, what an entertainer! This album rules because there are many dudes on it and most of them play instruments! I really have heard the whole thing and it realy bites! The only cool part is when les claypool from Primus has a little spoken word shpeil(in which he ranks on limp bizkit) . Kick a-- homeys and homettes! Hey somebody give me a record contract I just came up with an albums worth of material in this one post!!
On 8/27/2000, Laton Smith (301) posted:
Overall Rating:
All I have to say is that Limp Bizkit rulzzz...My favorite song off this album is "break stuff" cause after a long day at work hearing your boss say do this do that "I just my break his ****ing face tonight".Is the lyric comin outta Fred Durst mouth fred is the bomb he also sings "nookie" on this album "I did it all for tha nookie tha nookie so you can take that cookie and stick it up your yeah,stick up your yeah.