Nady 1001 Instrument System

Made by Nady

Description A great wireless, works as well as models twice it's price in smaller club settings, or if you don't venture to far from the stage. drawback - 4 freq's, you have to buy a new unit to change it.
Posted By Bryan Rutherford (854)
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On 8/26/2000, Bryan Rutherford (854) posted:
Overall Rating:
I picked this one for price, and it's a nady. plain and simple, the only way to better it would make the freq's interchangable, and fix the battery cover thing. for the price you can't beat it.
Price: $89.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
On/off/standby on the transmitter, plus gain adjustment on/off and level on the reciever, single antennae. I'm using it with gib LP studio, and a marshall vs100h & cab's
It's a nady, duh, no problems so far, great battery life. basic plastic construction, i don't recommend throwing it at people or anything, but it should be tough enough. the clip on the back is heavy enough that you should never break it. i don't like the battery cover, it doesn't stay totally closed for some reason, doesn't matter because you need a crowbar to get the battery out.