by Goldfinger

(1997) UNI/Universal

Personnel John Feldmann - guitar, vocals; Charlie Paulson - guitar; Darin Pfiefer - drums; Kelly Lemieux - bass
Description Goldfinger's 2nd album still contains their signature pop/punk sound, and it kicks butt.
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Directory Recordings: Alternative
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On 8/26/2000, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I think this is Goldfinger's best album, combining all the elements of a great ska/punk band. but this is not the angry punk of Rancid or Operation Ivy. Goldfinger deals with lighter topics, and their vocals are great over the killer riffs. in my opinion, they are much better than Blink 182, because they still have their badass punk feel, which Blink definitely lost. if you like MxPx and haven't heard Goldfinger, get this. (their live shows are awesome, too)