by AC/DC

(1978) Atco

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Description All around good recording, not bad playing. Released in 1978, Bon Scott- vocals, Malcolm & Angus Young- guitar, Cliff Williams- bass, Phil Rudd- drums.
Posted By Jake Quarrell (634)
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Member Reviews

On 3/10/2005, Joe Equis (14) posted:
Overall Rating:
i really like "gimme a bullet"--no guitar solo! who needs one with that awesome riff...
On 12/8/2001, Michael Carter (1094) posted:
Overall Rating:
Good Album, probably the best of the old line up. Not as many straoght out riffage as you might expect from 'dc but the blues elemet is excellent.
On 8/4/2001, Anthony Holden (9426) posted:
Overall Rating:

IMO, the best AC/DC album.

The real change on POWERAGE is a noted improvement in songwriting skill. The six-minute "Down Payment Blues" actually has a sense of restraint and building tension, as opposed to the band's usual hit-the-ground running approach.

"Sin City," an ode to Las Vegas, features one of their most colorful lyrics and again displays a dynamic variety not previously heard from the Aussie rockers.

The more familiar pounders, "Rock 'n Roll Damnation," "Riff Raff," and "What's Next to the Moon" are tighter, focused bursts of energy, typical of their musical repertoire.

Very good album indeed !!
On 7/22/2001, Stone Dragon (8501) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is my Fave AC/DC album. I think the "old" band was really starting to hit their stride with this one.

If you're a fan of crunchy blues based rocking, you can't go wrong with this recording.

Sin City is a classic.
On 8/26/2000, Jake Quarrell (634) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is by far not the best AC/DC record, but a valiant attempt. "Riff Raff" has a few wonderful riffs. The first track, "Rock n' Roll Damnation" has a great intro. The record could do without "Kicked in the Teeth" which begins with Bon screaming, "Two faced woman with your two faced lies!" I mistook one of the riffs on "Riff Raff" for Jimmy Page! Pretty good record.