Highway To Hell

by AC/DC

(1979) Atco

URL http://www.elektra.com
Description Bon's last official record. Produced by the great Robert John Lange. In my opinion, the greatest AC/DC recording ever! Angus burns up the fretboard, and Bon blows the mic.
Posted By Jake Quarrell (634)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 2/5/2004, Grieg Ragen (182) posted:
Overall Rating:
As good as it gets. I fell in love with this music and band back in 1981. You can not find a more Rock and Roll song than "Highway...". This album kicks butt with more great songs on one side than most bands ever record.

You will not be dissapointed, and may be surprised to see how many great songs should still get heavy air play.

Over twenty years and it still as good as anything.
On 8/26/2000, Jake Quarrell (634) posted:
Overall Rating:
An excellent party album. Tons of great licks, and some awesome chordal progressions. My favorite AC/DC record. Simply awesome. This was recorded right before Bon died. The band's lineup and playing was at their best.