ESP Hardshell Case For Horizon And MH Series Guitars

Made by ESP

Description It is designed to fit the Horizon and MH series six string electric guitars. Comes in black color with a nicely plush black interior. The case is a "slim line," and has the white ESP logo on the outside.
Posted By Michael Paetz (216)
Directory Equipment: Cases/Covers/Racks
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On 8/26/2000, Michael Paetz (216) posted:
Overall Rating:
The only other case that I looke at was made by Johnson, and it was ABS plastic. They wanted $90.00 for it, and it looked generic! I'm happy with mine except for that dent on top. (If I did the damage myself, I wouldn't be ranting and raving about it.)
Price: $120.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Discount Music Center
This case will hold any of the ESP Horizon or MH series electric six string guitars. It has one compartment with a flip top that will hold your strap and cables. It is a slim line design not one of those bulky suit case looking things.
When I received my case in the mail, I noticed there was a ding in the top of the case due to poor shipping. (It should have been double boxed! It's not ABS plastic. What were they thinking. I did travel on a Greyhound bus for 2 days with my guitar and it held up really well. No damage whatsoever. Whoever shipped it tome, must have set something heavy on top to put an indent in mine. Bummer! Other than that it is very light weight and reliable. Plus you can lock it which is a plus.