by The Offspring

(1998) Columbia

Personnel Dexter Holland: vocals and guitar, Noodles: guitar, Greg K.: bass, and Ron Welty: drums
Description Cool pop/punk thing. Every track is at least pretty good.
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Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 8/21/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
This album is probably their least speedy, about six of 'em at the pace of Self Esteem from Smash. A great all around cd. High points are: Have You Ever?, She's Got Issues, Pay The Man, and End Of The Line. The Kids Aren't Alright, Pretty Fly For A White Guy, Walla Walla, and Why Don't You Get A Job? are good. Hell, every track is good. My top three are: Pay The Man, which is a Middle-Eastern tinged track a la Me And My Old Lady clocking in at almost eight minutes, Have You Ever?, and End Of The Line which is about grief after the loss of a loved one. Buy this one, you (probably) won't regret it. At least if you're not into The Offspring you can look cool when you throw parties and you play Pretty Fly or Why Don't You Get A Job?, right?
On 8/27/2000, Laton Smith (301) posted:
Overall Rating:
Americana is the best Offspring album ever.My favorite song out of all the 13 tracks on the cd is #4 "Pretty Fly for a White guy" Note: When you buy this cd play track 4 very very loud.Lead guitarist Dexter Holland and backing guitarist Noodles both deliver excellent Alternative punk rock guitar riffs.