Description Guitars, basses, amps, PA gear, and a full on-line store.
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On 1/8/2008, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
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Still one of the better websires out there. They've had their own style of marketing nailed down for 30 years. Go on there and oreder the free DVD, it has a great interview with Steve Vai, and a really cool video of how they make their guitars.
On 9/8/2001, Scott Neuhauser (83) posted:
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This is one cool site. They now have multimedia to hear the guitars and equipment featured. Now they have Fishman acoustic pickups available... Really sweet stuff!!!
On 4/28/2001, Justin Smith (562) posted:
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I visit their website often and its wonderful shopping for guitars. If u r wondering about buying a guitar without touching it first DON'T WORRY....these guys will do u right!I bought a custom made Carvin with a floyd rose, active electronics, sperzel tuners (a must I believe) a couple of humbuckers and a GORGEOUS koa finish. The result is a sonic marvel. Crunch or clean, shreddin to chik'n pickin this thing covers them all very very well. I've played Fenders, Gibsons, Kramers and a few others but for the $ and versatility this is where I stop. Only negative... no store in my town.
On 8/4/2000, Black Numenorean (88) posted:
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Great Guitars. Great Site. I love how you can cycle through all the possible colors oneach guitar in high-res graphic. Sweet.