Marlin 7100989

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Marlin

Description This guitar is has the strat look and comes in silver (black pick gaurd) or white (black pick gaurd).It has 1 double and two single pickups.Its distinguishing features include a swordfish instead of the double dot at the twelfth fret.
Posted By Dave Birkhead (8)
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Member Reviews

On 8/24/2000, Dave Birkhead (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
When choosing this guitar i also looked at a peavey falcon, a gibson (les paul) and a rockwood strat copy. If this guitar were lost or stolen (i dont see how i could lose it) i would buy another because i love the sound it produces and the way it feels when you are playing it. I don't think you could improve much more on this fab guitar.The best aspect of this guitar is probably the sound you get out of it (even if you are a beginner) and another one of the best things about it is that i can't really point out any worst aspects!
Where Obtained: mersey music, wallasey, uk.
The body is solid wood and usually comes in a cool white (whith a black pick gaurd) or a sparkly silver (again with a black pick gaurd). The fingerboard is rosewood (which by the way is very comfortable). The sidewinder is a uk manufactured guitar. 22 frets, 6 strings, has 1 volume knob and two tone ones, a basick pickup switch (as on all strats) and a second switch that turns half of the double pickup off (which gives the sound of a three pickup guitar). Sidewinders also have locking tuners, and a double cut-away head.
This guitar is very good for rock and metal players as the extra pickup gives it a more distorted sound when used. As far as i can see this guitar holds no flaws whatsoever! It's up there with the fender stratocasters, Possibly better!
Sound Quality:
Performance on stage and in studio's are the things i feel this guitar were made for, however even in practise in a bedroom the Marlin Sidewinder ROCKS! Although this guitar is suited for rock and metal it plays just about any type of music good if you adjust the tone knobs and the 2 pickup switches. The sound varies from soft to heavy (you just have to play with the settings). I use a fender squier 15 amplifier which i consider to be just an average amp and i get an amazing sound out of it but i have even tried it on headphone amps and it still sounds cool.
It is more than reliable enough for live playing (the sidewinder also has an advanced tuning system designed for keeping it in tune)! The sidewinder only has basic straplocks but a decent strap will most definately hold. climate changes hardly effect the sidewinder at all!