Pantera 3

by Pantera

Description These guys are crazy with a Camcorder! Backstage, afterparties, before parties, during parties...
Posted By Cary Frick (3578)
Directory Videos: Music
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Member Reviews

On 10/28/2000, Jason Tafilowski (1468) posted:
Overall Rating:
Hell yeah! the home video's great its hysterical. Its like 2 hrs long with only four music videos leaving lots of time to get to know the crew a little better. The only drawback is a wish the music videos were live concert videos.
On 8/23/2000, Cary Frick (3578) posted:
Overall Rating:
It's an all out party for these guys! They are some crazy rockin' and rollin' maniacs! They leave nothing out in this free for all home video!