Martin HD28-LSV

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Martin

Description Like the HD28 except has larger sound hole and the neck is 1 and 3/4" at the nut.
Posted By Doc Barbakow (12)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 8/20/2000, Doc Barbakow (12) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great guitar by anyone's standards. I was planing to buy a Taylor dreadnaught until I tried the Martin. I like Taylor. They have a great feel and are also easy to play. But there's no comparison when it comes to sound. The big clear sound of the Martin HD28-LSV is simply superior. The Santa Cruz dreadnaught I have the Norman Blake model) is also a great sounding . guitar. I would give both of them the highest rating possible.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $2900.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Maple Street Guitars
Big sound. Great for bluegrass but also good for jazz. Larger neck makes it easier to chord. Very good action. Has traditional bassy Martin sound. Of all the Martins I tried, this is the best (though not the priciest). Also own a Santa Cruz 12D Dreadnaught. It's less bassy and a little sweeter than the Martin. Both great guitars.
Sound Quality: