Alvarez Yazuo Yairi DY62C

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Alvarez Yazuo Yairi

Description This is a hand made and signed by the Luthier dreadnought electric acoustic guitar The sweetest sounding guitar I own.
Posted By Peter O'Neill (812)
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On 8/19/2000, Peter O'Neill (812) posted:
Overall Rating:
This model is played by Monte Montgomery, other models by this luthier are played by such as Ani Di Franco, both of these guitarists have extreme frenetic styles of playing, but the Yairi's hold up.
Model Year: 1986
Price: $500.00
Where Obtained: eBay
This guitar was hand made in Japan by Yazuo Yairi, and originally sold by Alvarez guitars in the USA. It has a solid cedar top, with burrled Maple back and sides. The electronics that came in this guitar are astounding. You have two volume controls and two tone controls. Volume pot - 1 and tone pot - 1 are for strings one, two, and three. Volume pot -2 and tone pot - 2 control strings four, five, and six. The chromium two way toggle controls stereo and mono operations. As can be seen at the butt of the guitar there are two quarter-inch phone jacks. Let me explain. If you wanted to have an unbelievable recording of this guitar I would recommend that you put two microphones on it and run both quarter-inch phones direct and in stereo. This gives you 4 tracks of acoustic guitar to mix in the studio and I guarantee you it will knock your socks off. Another cool thing you can do is run it stereo live. Having strings 1,2, and 3 come out of house left while 4, 5, and 6 come out of house right. Remember you have complete tonal control of each output. Do you know of another guitar that has this? I have never seen another one like it. The action and intonation are perfect. The tuners are golden Grovers.
This a well played guitar, it is a bit worn around the sound hole, but it plays wonderfully, even better than my Takamine John Jorgenson signature model.
Sound Quality:
Amplified or not the sound from this instrument is astounding. Amplified I play it through an Ibanez TS-9 tubescreamer, to a Boss CS-3 compression sustainer to my Crate acoustic 125d amp. This is definately a stage guitar.....loud or quite.
It has been professionally used since first bought in 1986, and its still going strong. Everything functions on this guitar, just as intended.