Ovation Custom Balladeer 1712

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Ovation

Description Deep round back body, natural finish, hardwood neck, mop inlay around sound hole and on neck
Posted By jeff robinson (152)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 3/20/2001, Keith Lockley (4) posted:
Overall Rating:
Fender Stratocaster Yes Find the round body uncomforable sometimes It's a beautiful guitar
Model Year: 1980
Price: $900.00 Cdn (new)
Where Obtained: Lillo's Music
I think I put the right model, it's a custom balladeer built for a southpaw, has a pickup in the body and is one sweet guitar
The neck tapers slightly, it's the only guitar I've owned so I can't compare it to anything but my buddies Fender Strat; I love playing the blues but can only do them justice on this guitar with extra light gauge strings. My next axe will be a Strat, U.S. made.
Sound Quality:
Fender Champ, kinda cheap amp but OK for me. Bass isn't the best.
Very reliable, rarely needs tuning, likes to be kept in a humid environment