Peavey Ultra 60

60W Head

Made by Peavey

Description All tube 3 channel head. 4-12ax7 preamp, 2 EL34 poweramp. FX loop, reverb, high/low gain inputs.
Posted By Bob Zave (1540)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 8/15/2000, Bob Zave (1540) posted:
Overall Rating:
I like that it's a bit more versatile than many tube amps but can still come close to that "icy" marshall sound. The 3 channels are great. The dirty channels would be better with seperate tone controls. Biggest downfall is the footswitch, it's laid out too close together. It's easy to hit 2 switches at the same time and ruin the big solo or subtle clean part. If it was stolen, they would need help carrying I think I'd look at some newer versions of the same amp. Peavey is known for durability, one of the big factors I considered.
Model Year: 1991
3 channels - clean, crunch, ultra. The 2 dirty channels share the same 3 active tone controls although they're voiced a bit differently. Seperate pre/post and gain boost switches on each. Clean channel has 3 passive tone controls, bright, and volume. Master volume, FX loop, preamp out, reverb, 4-8-16 ohm selector. High & low gain inputs. Footswitch - channels & reverb. It seems like an accurate 60 watts, small & medium clubs no problem.
Sound Quality:
I mostly use guitars with humbuckers and get a decent 90's sound. With 3 channels and lots of gain staging options, this amp can take on a few different faces. The two dirty channels can make for a nice rythym/lead setup, or blues to rip your head off distortion while still leaving the clean channel...clean! (nice) The active tone controls and reverb greatly effect the way the distortion comes across. The clean channel is ok, not the greatest, but it does stay 100% clean. A pretty quiet amp even at the highest gain settings. I'm using the matching 4x12 cab that seems a bit "tight" or directional, not quite as wide as some other cabs I've tried with it. It seems a bit fickle with fx, some sound ok but the pure distortion is best heard without. (like many tube amps)
Ease of Use:
It's simple enough to use, but I can't say enough about the effect of the tone controls and reverb on the distortion. That can make for a lot of messing around along with the different gain options. You have to pay attention when setting the channel volumes in relation to the master volume, otherwise the clean channel volume can be much too loud or quiet.
Built like a tank and weighing in the same! Almost as heavy as the cab! The tubes have been replaced twice in 10 years under normal maintenance. A small problem with the jacks on the reverb tank when it was new. I use it all the time without a backup.